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A Sense of Place

Our Edgewood Identity Campaign Launch

The What:

Create and disseminate an identity that is cohesive and confluent among all distributive entities and reflects Edgewood’s unique meaning, value and character.

The Why:

Edgewood has an identity crisis. We are frequently confused with the Avenue or the ERD. We are smothered by big efforts from all sides: Reynoldstown, L5P, Inman Park, Candler Park, Kirkwood, Grant Park and East Atlanta.

Each of these has greater brand recognition though some are not as old and some actually were once part of this neighborhood.

The When:

Back in the day, Edgewood was a city all its own, and was annexed by Atlanta and grew as a bedroom community for workers of the railroads, factories and mills. Edgewood has historically been a working class neighborhood with a greater density of “humble” homes.

Edgewood Avenue was built to reach Edgewood at the vicinity of Candler Park and Lake Claire. At some point a real estate boom or white flight was impetus for a geographic split in the community/city. So our street never reached us!

Today’s Edgewood is a remnant collection of historically low-end homes that got “left in the dust” of booming real estate development to the north. You can get more history here.

The trolley from downtown actually reached us at Trolley Line Trail, now Arkwright. Trolley lines and rail lines reach deeply into our heritage. Historic Pullman Yard is on our perimeter.

The Where:

Visually, Edgewood’s graphic and environmental indicators are a hot mess: disparate, incongruent and nonconfluent.

Of the many potential vehicles for disseminating an identifiable look for Edgewood neighborhood, the following are presently on display:

Website- Current masthead looks like this:

edgewood garden copy

Yahoo Groups- Presently looks like this:

Yahoo Groups

Facebook- Presently looks like this:


Banner- Presently looks like this:


Edgewood Security Patrol- Presently looks like this:

Edgewood Security Patrol

Street signs: – Presently looks like this:


Letterhead- Presently looks like this:


Logo- Presently looks like this:


Larger, environmental graphics include the underpass at Whitefoord, Edgewood Security Patrol Signs and Edgewood Community Learning Garden. These entities should also reflect a graphical unity with the surrounding neighborhood.

We need visual indicators that flow together into one cohesive social image; a community-wide statement of commitment to our neighborhood that helps promote safety, caring and cleanliness, and attracts civic funding and services. All of these things ultimately drive property values.

A unified mark or logo is a visual clue. It represents the value we place on the place we live; it means we feel comfort and security in its containment, signaling we feel inclusion with people in the vicinity.

The How:

Very important—ONE members, we need your input. We have a lot of creatives and all ideas will be welcome. Ideally we will get input, assistance and support from large entities like the schools, Edgewood Retail, Coan and Walker Parks, PATH Foundation, etc.

Consider aspects of Edgewood history:

Do we want to incorporate into our new identity a focus on the history of rail lines and working-class roots; on the small-home look of the neighborhood (and should that effort be expanded to zoning)? You can get more history here. Other communities like Cabbagetown have built a successful identity on this concept.

Answer a survey/questionnaire to ONE members:

1. What comes to mind when you think of Edgewood neighborhood’s “personality”?

2. Verbalize or visualize, on paper, something that represents Edgewood to you.

3. What do you most want people to think of when they think of Edgewood or ONE?

Submit your answers here.

Vote for or against the existing logo: 

Keep or dispose of the existing icon? A family or union of neighbors enclosing a small house.  (The Edgewood name should visually tie in with any new mark.)


Vote here.

Submit your own ideation:

Submit rough visual proposals that comprise a whole new look, and/or give input. Use any and all aspects of communication you feel are necessary to convey our look, feel and message, including (and highly desirable) suggestions for how to disseminate our brand.

Submit your ideas here.

The Who:

Who is our audience? Among them can surely be counted potential residents, especially of large-scale planned communities like the new Edgewood MARTA. We can amplify the attraction factor for civic organizations and corporate entities, which in turn might promise greater funding for our efforts at large.

Neighborhood hosting of festivals, parties, parades, exhibits, etc., is a grand tradition of intown living and has produced some successful, well-known annual events. We need new, innovative event ideas that bring people together. Hosting is a way to get high-level exposure of our brand and all its supporting entities.

We need to address the elephant in the room once and for all—we are not Edgewood Avenue! Let’s win the audience recognition game by promoting our brand.