Invest Atlanta Seeking Public Comment

The board of Invest Atlanta will be discussing and voting on two projects in NPU-O this month.

First is a vote to approve a bond resolution that would offer a $4.5m tax abatement over ten years to support Atomic Entertainment’s plan to renovate the Pullman yard on Rogers St.
Second is a vote to approve a tax exempt bond to assist in the financing required to acquire and renovate the 222-unit Edgewood Court Apartment complex on Hardee Street.

I assume that the NPU and  neighborhood residents are quite familiar with both these proposals, as there has been opportunity to interact in the past. However, I wanted to offer anyone who is interested in Invest Atlanta’s role in either of these items a chance to come and observe the discussion and offer public comment.

This item is on the agenda of the Finance Committee this Monday, October 16 at 3 pm, and again on the full board agenda Thursday, October 19 at 8:30 am.

Both meetings are in the Invest Atlanta Conference Room on the 29th floor of the Georgia Pacific Building, 133 Peachtree St.

June O.N.E. Meeting Location CHANGE

Monday’s meeting, June 19, will be held at the Zeist Foundation Office: 150 Hutchinson Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. Time: 6:30 pm

CORRECTION: Monday’s meeting address is
Mayson Avenue Cooperative, LLC
37 Hutchinson Street, NE #41
Atlanta, GA 30307

Mayoral Candidate Forum

Sponsored by Park Pride
July 13th 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Carter Center
453 Freedom Pkwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
Come hear Atlanta’s mayoral candidates discuss their views on parks, trees, greenspace and watersheds, and the way Atlanta’s emerging trail network is creating a new way of living in the City of Atlanta.

Making the High a special place to experience the arts!

In an effort to do so, I wanted to share information about one of our major family programming initiatives, Second Sundays, which features FREE admission for all visitors and special activities from 1 to 4 p.m. on the second Sunday of every month. On June 11 from 1 to 4 p.m. we will present Once Upon A Time-themed family activities themed around our newest exhibitions and focused on the power of reading. We’d love for you to consider sharing more information about our Second Sunday programming in your neighborhood newsletter, neighborhood association calendar, and/or on social media.

On July 9, we’re inviting families to enjoy Warhol, Wigs, and Wiggles, with adventures through our permanent collection and at our Wiggly Warhol-Inspired Yoga Class.

Open to all ages, this series of special Sunday programs also coincides this summer with our family-friendly outdoor piazza installation, Merry Go Zoo by Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. The interactive sculpture installation is part of the High’s efforts to engage families in participatory arts experiences outside of the museum walls.

Additional event details can be found here:

Sunday, June 11, 2017:…

Sunday, July 9, 2017:…

Again, we’re excited about staying connected with you and welcoming all of our neighbors to the High Museum of Art.

Trees Atlanta 2017-2018 Planting Season

My name is Mike McCord and I am a NeighborWoods project coordinator at Trees Atlanta.  Once again, we are setting out on our mission of improving our soil, water, air, human health, community resiliency, shade canopy, and street beauty throughout Atlanta by planting FREE trees!  Here is a link to our updated NeighborWoods program   You can check out your neighborhood’s canopy coverage with this tool

We are beginning our summer planning of tree planting projects, and would love your input! These projects will take place October-March, with the rest of the year dedicated to tree maintenance.   In order to host a Saturday planting, we suggest a minimum of 40-50 trees.  We plant within the city right-of-way, which is the land immediately adjacent to the street. These street trees are the 15-gallon container size. We maintain and guarantee each of these trees for two years via watering, weeding, mulching, staking, and pest control.  Reach out to us if you know of any great spots to reforest in your neighborhood or other areas near you.  Additionally, please feel free to send us the contact information of any other interested advocates in your neighborhood.

Additionally, we have a new FREE shade tree program available for front yards on private property.  These shade trees include oaks, linden, sugar maple, beech, tulip poplar, blackgum, american elm, and bald cypress.  These front yard trees are the 30-gallon container size.  In situations where there is not enough space available (too close to buildings or powerlines), we also have a free fruit tree program that includes American and Japanese persimmon, paw paw, and Chickasaw plum.

We are more than happy to present options at your local neighborhood association or NPU meetings. Let me know, if you have any suggestions or would like to schedule a site visit with me.  We look forward to planting FREE trees with you and your community this year!

Friendly Reminder

A time and place for a public zoning meeting has been scheduled to discuss proposed changes to the La France Walk development:  Wednesday, May 17 from 6:30-8 pm  at Edgewood Church at 1560 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317.. ONE received a copy of the zoning application, it’s Z-17-031 for 1359 La France Ave.

Laurie Ireland and her husband Sean will lead the meeting. Attached are the previous approved site plan, the proposed changes, and renderings for the buildings.

Accessory Dwelling Units- A New Standard?



Legislation introduced to allow accessory dwelling units (micro-housing) and to reduce the parking requirements for micro-housing.

Micro-housing exists in other large metropolitan areas including Seattle, New York, Washington, DC, San Francisco and Boston.

The text amendment would allow micro-housing as a permitted accessory use in the R-5 District. The unit must be 750 square feet or less. The total number of units on the property cannot exceed two including the accessory dwelling unit. Except in the case of home occupations, no accessory use shall be permitted or allowed for a commercial nature. Accessory dwelling units may not be subdivided from their lot.


  • To provide for additional housing options for residents desiring to live a simple lifestyle.
  • To encourage another form of walkable urbanism which is healthy for adults.
  • To attract millennials to the urban core by offering more affordable living.
  • To allow for a different housing option that appeals to adults with no children.
  • To provide for an affordable housing option that is attainable for Generation Y and aging Baby Boomers.

There are five reasons driving the interest in micro-housing

  1. Economics: There is a lower cost of living associated with micro-housing. The smaller the house the less likely you are to pay for building and insurance costs, taxes, and utilities, making micro-housing more affordable for recent college graduates, victims of financial crisis, or retirees.
  2. Demographics: It is estimated that 26% of American households consist of a single person living alone. Demographers believe that the trend will continue.
  3. Green Living: Many who aspire to the minimalistic lifestyle believe that living in micro-housing reduces their ecological footprint.
  4. Simpler Living: Many who have adopted the minimalistic lifestyle report living a happier life.
  5. Technology: Modern technology allows the luxury of not owning some personal goods and services and allows outsourcing of items through car services, music services, laundry services, food services, and chore services.


The Zoning Review Board (ZRB) is scheduled to hold a public hearing on April 13, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 55 Trinity Avenue, S.W. For more information contact Mary Darby at or (404) 546-6724.

Ordinance- CM Hall -Accessory Dwelling Units in R5 zoning- 3-10-17.docx

Z-17-09 Fact Sheet