Edgewood Identity Campaign– Concepting Phase

UPDATE! We have presented 3 options- Go Here

Our objective: to publish a logo that is all our own, and over time, becomes instantly recognizable as Edgewood neighborhood. This mark is an asset of the Organized Neighbors of Edgewood and gives us credibility “on the street”. It helps to unite us and carry our message of unity to the vicinity, both near and far.

The process will begin with a “mark”, a symbol that carries the weight of instant visual recognition for overall brand awareness. The mark should be simple, distinctive in shape and color, and scalable. 

The mark can be expressed as a symbol, a word, or a combination of both. Here are some examples that have used simplicity, distinct coloring and scalability factors to help achieve stellar recognition:

Apple, Nike, Disney, MSN, Cingular, Shell, Volksvagen, NBC iconic symbolic logos Disney, Dell, NASA, RayBan, Fedex, IBM, Mossimo, CNN logotype wordmarks McDonald's, TiVo, Starbucks, Reebok, Pringles, Domino's, AT&T, Ola combination mark logos

At least one version of the existing logo, updated and made scalable and colorized, will be presented. Please feel free to offer your own updated version in addition to any totally new looks.
one logo

One or more applications of the brand will inevitably require reproduction in grayscale, so it is always safest to begin the graphic design process that way. Color schemes may or may not be explored. In some marks color may be implicit, i.e., a graphic tree shape might imply 2-3 green tones.

Finally, we will apply the finished brand mark to the various vehicles of distribution. Designers will be asked, but not required, to produce layout for all substrates. Currently these include: letterheads, various signs, street toppers, website banners/mastheads, street banners and eventually, murals, events materials and neighborhood swag!

Any and all participation is entirely voluntary, and you will not be paid for your contribution.

Our survey results yielded a preponderance of interest in: diversity, tree canopy, mobility (bikes, walkability, transit, historic rail), and proximity (to Atlanta and close-in neighborhoods). IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE SURVEY PLEASE CONSIDER DOING SO HERE. You can also read more about Edgewood’s history here.

In summary, the 4 memes are:

Diversity– Cross-section of races, gender identity and median income
Mobility– Qalkability, bikeability, transit, historic rail & trolley lines
Proximity– Closeness to city of Atlanta its neighborhoods and, generally, “intown”
Canopy– Mature trees and setting of Edgewood and surrounding neighborhoods

A request for examples of surrounding neighborhood marks yielded some rewarding results. Use of visual metaphor, optical illusion, or tricks of the eye are a proven way to achieve an attractive look. Consider a most distinctive local favorite: the Inman Park logo. Note the beauty of the mark, and its dual visual meaning– a butterfly and human profiles in optical illusion. The mark has integrity to stand alone as representing a natural setting where friendly people live, yet it works well in combination as a wordmark.

Inman Park

Reynoldstown is doing a great job of keeping the integrity of their logo intact while allowing for its innovative use. Consider these examples, where the sunrise acts as a background for different applications, but still is a recognizable reference. The colors are faithfully replicated and harken the viewer back to the Reynoldstown identity.

reynoldstown_logo logo-wheelbarrow

The Kirkwood wordmark denotes a rich history while respecting legibility in its well-crafted shape.


East Atlanta Village appears to be as devoted to its vitality as Edgewood is— and experiencing the same fragmentation of identity!

EACA-logo-300x144 EAKC_logo EAV_Farmer_5C_27s_Market_logo EAV_logo East-Atlanta-Strut EASP EABFfooter-logo newstrutlogo-150x136

Here is Grant Park’s visual presentation– note again how much more successfully the identity registers when the visuals are consistent.

gpna Grant Park  decal-gpna-150x114

Here is East Lake:


Here is West End, a bit farther afield.



And here are some of the entries we have already received:

edgewoodh1 Edgewood_6-2-2016-01 edgewoodlogo3 IMG_20160405_221853  edgewood logo ideas edgewoodlogo-train-hat-and-line-concept  edgewoodlogo2 edgewood-logoedgeowlcreamedgeowlgreenedgewoodbanner_clean-01-01ewdpiebwewdpiecw  ewdpiered  atlanta-and-edgewood-street-railway                                           

In summary, the brand requirements are:

  1. The brand mark must be simple, distinct and scalable
  2. The mark should promote an instant recognition of Edgewood
  3. The colors must be clear, easily reproducible and have clarity in grayscale

Happy concepting!