Memes for Designers

Taking the results of the survey to a word cloud produces some interesting results! After removing obviously unrelated words and super-prominent ones (Edgewood, neighborhood), what emerges most is a profound sense of community, affordability, and awareness of our surrounding neighborhoods.

A secondary meme, one which I find most interesting of all, is all about getting around. Walkability and transit emerge in a big way as do bikes and historic rail and trolley lines. We appear to be very aware of our proximity to downtown, as well as our close-in location and historic roots.

A condensed bullet-pointed version of the emerging memes is something like:

Diversity- Cross-section of races, sexual identity and median income
Mobility- walkability, bikeability, transit
Proximity- closeness to Atlanta and surrounding neighborhoods
Canopy- trees and setting of Edgewood and, generally, “intown”

The results of the survey can be seen here.

Hope this helps designers who want to contribute art for our search for a logo. Contact me, mlgiarra at gmail if you have questions. Happy sketching!

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