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Memes for Designers

Taking the results of the survey to a word cloud produces some interesting results! After removing obviously unrelated words and super-prominent ones (Edgewood, neighborhood), what emerges most is a profound sense of community, affordability, and awareness of our surrounding neighborhoods.

A secondary meme, one which I find most interesting of all, is all about getting around. Walkability and transit emerge in a big way as do bikes and historic rail and trolley lines. We appear to be very aware of our proximity to downtown, as well as our close-in location and historic roots.

Emerging memes can arguably be condensed into 4 topics:

Diversity– Cross-section of races, gender identity and median income
Mobility– Qalkability, bikeability, transit, historic rail & trolley lines
Proximity– Closeness to city of Atlanta its neighborhoods and, generally, “intown”
Canopy– Mature trees and setting of Edgewood and surrounding neighborhoods

The results of the survey can be seen here.

Hope this helps designers who want to contribute art for our search for a logo. Contact me, mlgiarra at gmail if you have questions. Happy sketching!