No More Memorials on Memorial Drive

A memorial for Ms. Barbara Crawford, killed crossing Memorial Drive

Location: Peters Food Mart
1895 Memorial Dr SE
Kirkwood, Atlanta
Date: Monday, April 17 at 7 PM – 8 PM

On Monday, March 20, a woman was killed trying to cross Memorial Drive. Her name was Ms. Barbara Crawford. She was staying with friends on Campbell Street, getting ready for a trip out of town. That night, she needed a few things from the store so she walked to the end of the street, heading towards Peters Food Mart. She was hit by a speeding car as she tried to cross Memorial and did not survive. Her death in traffic was the second this year alone on this mile of Memorial Drive.

Let’s gather to remember Ms. Barbara, share stories, and find out what we can do to make Memorial safe for the people who live here. Please bring flowers, signs, teddy bears, or candles to leave in memory, so that she is not forgotten.

All are welcome to attend.